Check out Playing Forward’s latest offering, the VPET, a creature for your child to learn to care for without the housebreaking or sleepless nights of a living pet.  The first VPET can be found in Stan Lee’s Kid’s Universe–Meet the MYnosaur!  The MYnosaur world is brought to life with augmented reality that lets your child see the world from any perspective by simply moving his/her device and get to know where the dinosaur lives.  This way, your child gets to really know their MYnosaur and its needs.

The MYnosaur invites your child to care for a one-of-a-kind dino by making choices just like ones they often have to make for themselves in the real world.  Your child will be responsible for making sure his or her dino sleeps, eats, bathes, takes care of its home, and eats.  The little dino will help your child develop empathy, as they need to put themselves in the dino’s shoes in order to decide what it needs.  As the dino’s care provider he or she will react to your child’s positive attention with changes to its personality and behavior. Your child’s dino will respond to your child’s interactivity and let your child know the impact of their choices. For example, if your child feeds their dino a healthy meal, their Dino will have more energy to play. If the dino gets junk food, he or she might be grumpy! Engaging your child is this type of decision-making with their dino will help them transfer their learning into their own lives, so that they can better understand the consequences of their choices, and make the best choices they can!



For parents, the MYnosaur is a great way to talk to their kids about the social emotional skills practiced in the game such as the importance of good nutrition, taking care of oneself, sleep, and caring for others.

Your opinion matters!  We want to create products that YOU and your children want, and therefore we look forward to getting your feedback through comments and emails so we can make additions and improvements.  Please comment below, or email us at

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