We are so excited to introduce you and your children to The VROOM’s newest channel, Lizzy’s World!  Lizzy will be appearing in her premiere story, It’s Just So…

It’s Lizzy’s first day in a brand new school! At first things feel “just so” scary and “just so” hard, but in the end, they’re “just so”…. not what she thought they would be! From waking up early and boarding the bus for the very first time to meeting new friends and painting outside the lines, it’s a day of discovery and perspective for a little girl named Lizzy.  As Lizzy works through the challenges of the first day in a new school, and making new friends she is also getting a big lesson in perspective.

Written as a comical concept book, which goes beyond the limits of reality, it actually touches on some very ‘real’ emotions. From fear of the unknown to jumping in with both hands and both feet our Lizzy character is pushing the limits of every emotion and allowing her imagination to set the stage for overcoming her misconceptions and fears and realizing a new perspective.

This is a book that grows with your kids. Very young children will love exploring the pictures and listening to the lilting cadence of the rhyming scheme. Older children will gobble up the luscious vocabulary and enjoy making up yummy words of their own.

Your kids can get to know Lizzy in the VBOOK, or help her climb off the page with the augmented reality option of the VBOOK and the printed book.  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or feel free to email us directly at info@playingforward.com.

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