Bark In the Dark

Enjoy the adventures of Maxi the Taxi Dog on Playing Forwards "The VROOM"

Stan Lee's Kids Universe Channel launches on The VROOM.
Our First Adventure is with DEX T-REX
Come visit Dex's world today

Augmented Reality

Watch as characters come to life before your eyes



June 21, 2017

Co Founder Victor Talbot talks about “The VROOM”

November 23, 2016

Our CEO discusses Education and Technology on the VROOM in live interview

November 23, 2016

Our CEO and Terry Dougas from Stan Lees Kids Universe discuss the future

November 23, 2016

Stan Lee discussing The VROOM for Hollywood Social Lounge at our booth


A magical place for children to expand their imagination

Interactive content, augmented reality, virtual reality and pure FUN

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Maxi the Taxi Dog

Stan Lee’s Kids Universe : DEX T-REX

Lizzy’s World

Expand your children’s horizons with The VROOM

Entertainment, education, and technology in one place made especially for young children


A 3 dimensional, interactive book

Learning to read has never been so much FUN!

Change your perspective with the VBOOK.

The VBOOK offers a uniquely immersive and interactive learning experience

Social emotional learning and literacy combined for a magical and fun experience